5 Days in Greece: Must-visit destinations

Apr 19, 2024

Greece. The land of Gods and democracy. No amount of time is ever enough to see everything, but if you’re planning on spending 5 days in Greece, at Keytours, we give you insight and ideas on which major sites to see in just 5 days.

Day 1: Athens - Acropolis & Acropolis Museum

Start your Greek escape on day one with an early morning walking Tour: Acropolis & Acropolis Museum to wrap up Athens’ ancient heritage in a nutshell and connect all the dots of millennia-old civilization. Alternatively, our private half-day Athens city tour includes those and a few other landmarks too.  keytours3 (1).jpg

Day 2: Mycenae & Nauplio

On day 2, jump on the Mycenae, Epidaurus & Nauplio full-day excursion, and witness the ancient, regal splendour of UNESCO-listed ruins, including the iconic Lion’s Gate and Royal Tombs. Then, discover the seaside charm of Nauplio, with its historic fortress and scenic views, ending your journey at Epidaurus' famed ancient theatre.keytours2 (1).jpg

Day 3: Delphi & Arachova

You should spend 1 of your 5 days in Greece discovering the esoteric mysteries of the Delphi oracle. The Delphi One Day Trip lets you delve into this UNESCO-listed archaeological site and follow that up with a visit to Arachova - one of Greece’s most bucolic villages, in the shadows of Parnassos Mountain.  keytours5 (1).jpg

Day 4: Meteora & Trikala

If you want to witness a true marvel during your 5 days in Greece, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Meteora is where you need to be. These breathtaking monasteries perched atop towering, ancient rock formations will take your breath away. At just 30 minutes away, Trikala is a noteworthy destination, as it is one of north Greece’s most beautiful cities.  

keytours4 (1).jpg

Day 5: Santorini island

No 5 days in Greece count without an island entry. Spotlight on the dreamy Santorini - discover the quintessential charm of this iconic destination on a Caldera & Oia Sunset Boat tour with stops at the volcanic islands of Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni and Thirassia, which includes a delicious Greek lunch and an invigorating swim.

Also, check what to see and do if you are looking at 4 days in Greece, where it might make sense to deep dive into two destinations: Athens and Thessaloniki. 

However long you end up staying, at Keytours, we promise to uncover the fascination of Greece, like never before.  

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