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Epidaurus & Mycenae One Day Tour from Athens
10 hours
Epidaurus & Mycenae Private Full Day Tour from Athens
10 hours

About Nauplio

A popular destination for Greek and foreign tourists alike, Nafplio is one of the most beautiful towns in the world! The city of Nafplia was the first capital of the modern Greek state. Named after Nafplios, son of Poseidon, and home of Palamidis, their local hero of the Trojan war and supposedly the inventor of weights and measures, lighthouses, the first Greek alphabet and the father of the Sophists.


After the capital moves to Athens, the city of Nafplio becomes of less importance but still continues to attract visitors every day because it's history is virtually the history of modern Greece and because every occupying power has left it's mark there. The city of Nafplia is like a living museum. You can admire the Venetian fortress of Palamidi, the Acronafplia with its stunning vista of the Argolic gulf and the fortified islet of Bourtzi. It's also as lively as any city in Greece. Enjoy an enchanting time travel to the glorious past of Nafplio!

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