Alternative Athens: Street & Food tours

Jan 5, 2021
At Keytours, we have designed our alternative Athens walking tours to reveal the urban allure of Athens through traversing its colourful streets and exploring the link between food and the soul. Athens city is still a modern day city, despite all the admirable ancient landmarks that are dotted around its urban landscape. Its contemporary fabric is seamlessly interwoven with heritage that counts thousands of years in existence, in a way that is uniquely fascinating. Athens is wonderfully architectured, built around the ancient rock of the Acropolis, expanding in a radius motion to include what today are considered as its most characteristically hip districts. In fact, no other major European city has the unique advantage that Athens does since the majority of its central neighborhoods can be reached by foot. Rest assured, our Athens walking tours are all done in small groups, ensuring they are absolutely safe.

Alternative Athens: Street tours

The neighborhoods of Athens are where the city’s heart lies. By taking our Athens Neighborhoods alternative city tour you will be experiencing the vibes through our local insight. This is the kind of tour you will not find in any tour guide, since most focus on the ancient landmarks which Athens city is most known for. You will get to discover a secret side of Athens that you never knew existed. You will get to grips with the more recent years of Athenian history, admiring architecture throughout the ages and witnessing how the locals live. During this tour, you will probably notice the tons of street art that Athens’ walls are decorated in. You can’t miss it actually. Our alternative Athens street art tour explores the urban culture that has been booming in recent years, filling the streets with colourful depictions of artists’ expressions. This tour is actually led by a real street artist, for maximum authenticity and true local insight that will inspire you to rethink Athens embracing its modern charm that is unmistakable. 

Sauntering through the streets of Athens hides a myriad of treasures

Alternative Athens: Food tours

Food is one of the key ingredients to understanding a destination. Food is inextricably linked with the soul of the people, a connection that is widely known yet often overlooked. In Greece we are lucky to have developed a food culture that many nutritionists consider highly beneficial, often using Greek cuisine as a paragon for the widely acknowledged Mediterranean diet. It has developed throughout the years, resulting in a variety of branches from fine dining to street food and all the in between. During your stay in Athens, our Greek food tours will take you by the hand and help you to explore the most famous Greek dishes in the best (and non touristic) places. Together, we visit local favourites such as bakeries, sweet shops, speciality food shops, local open-air markets, family-run delicatessens and many more. Walk, taste, smell and feel the beating heart of the city through the flavours that tantalize your taste palette and stir emotions as you get to know Greece one bite at a time.

Sampling the fragrant spices at the Athens street market district 'Bougatsa' - a delicious traditional sweet pastry

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