Athens Private Tours

Jan 23, 2019

Athens Private Tours are ideal for truly getting to grips with the most poignant parts of Greek culture and history.

Especially when visiting a place for a short holiday, most people will try to divide their time between some basic sightseeing and some leisure time when they get to explore a destination at their own pace. However, in most cases, Athens included, there are so many attractions to cover, so many queues to wait in, that sightseeing takes up more of your time than required. Getting organised is the key! There are numerous benefits of opting for one of our Athens Private Tours, including time efficiency, learning from our expert tour guides, and comfort. With our Athens Private Tours you will get to visit a handful of landmarks, depending on the tour type, in the shortest time possible, freeing up more of your personal time to explore Athens in a more leisurely manner.

Athens Private Tours: top sites in Athens If you have a full day to spend sightseeing in Athens, get the most out of it. The Athens private day tour: from Athens to Poseidon is a well-rounded tour that will take you around the top sites of Athens and its immediate outskirts. Visit the UNESCO listed Acropolis; admire the majestic Parthenon. Marvel at Panathenaic Stadium alongside other impressive monuments. Pay the Acropolis museum a visit and witness the unique exhibits. Toward sundown the tour takes on a different turn. We venture to Cape Sounion, to where the Temple of Poseidon stands, a place that will sweep you off your feet at sunset. At each stage, you will receive the personalized attention from the private expert guide and get around by luxury air conditioned vehicle.

If you have less than a full day, we have some options for Athens private tours that are more condensed, focusing on fewer sites. Our bestseller tour is a half day Athens private tour of the Parthenon & Acropolis museum, packs the most you can see in 5 hours, with a passionate tour guide who is more than keen to share their in depth knowledge with you. Other Athens private tours will offer a more alternative approach; sunny Athens usually offers the best conditions for walking around. Take our private walking tour of Athens: Footsteps of Socrates and retrace the great man’s steps, learning about his life and his ideals.

Athens Private Tours: beyond Athens If you wish to go beyond Athens and discover some anciently interesting places that could be considered off the beaten track, then opt for our private, full day tours from Athens. Part of the World Heritage collection, the spectacular Delphi Oracle site is bound to impress all who visit. Once this place was referred to as the navel of the world, and where the Ancient Greek leaders and generals would go for advice, seeking the guidance of the High Priestess. Epidaurus and Mycenae are also UNESCO listed, noteworthy places to visit. Epidaurus is where the homonymous theatre is located, which is an architectural and acoustics marvel. At the kingdom of Mycenae, an ancient civilisation once thrived, led by King Agamemnon; we take you up close and personal to experience these significant ruins.

Half day tours beyond Athens are perfect for discovering an entirely different world, not too far from the concrete jungle of the city. The Marathon Lake has great historical importance for Greece, as it was the site of a famous battle that took place in 490 BC, as well as commanding some wonderful scenic views of the surrounding landscape. Find out more and get inspired to visit this location with our Athens private tour: Marathon half day tour. Similarly, Elefsina is another close by destination that has an interesting past. Home to the mystical Eleusinian Mysteries of antiquity, and said to have been the birthplace of Aeschylus (one of Ancient Greece’s 3 great tragedians), our private half day tour to Elefsina will fill your mind with knowledge that will excite you.


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