Classic Greece

Mar 5, 2014
Blessed with amazing long sandy beaches and year round sunshine, Greece is flooded with visitors, mainly in the summer. But, this lovely country has much more to offer than just a week-long sunbathing. Greece is a unique country filled with contradictions, ample choices and most of all beauty! In particular, culture vultures will think they are in paradise with all that iconic historical monuments and archaeological sites. Although Greece is a vast museum itself, it is clear that not all visitors have the time to explore the treasures of its once glorious past! So, if your time here is short, just make sure to pay a visit to some of the most important places, representative of the Greek spirit. Athens – Extremely additive Athens should be included in every to go list. Offering a vast range of things to do and see, the capital of Greece is an ideal destination whether you are into food, culture, history or rich and lively nightlife. The plethora of museums and archaeological sites, even in the centre of the city, will tell you the history of Athens starting 3.000 years ago with the world-famous Acropolis. Cape Sounio – Located on the southern edge of Attica region, Cape Sounio is about a 65km-drive from the city of Athens. The idyllic area of Sounio is of great historical importance, as it is the home of the Temple of Poseidon, one of the most important sanctuaries of ancient Greece. Visitors can reach Cape Sounio driving along the coast road of the Saronic Gulf. You’ll surely love the journey as you’ll pass by some of the most famous beaches of Attica. Upon arrival at Cape Sounio, you’ll be amazed by the iconic ancient temple once dedicated to the God of the Seas and Oceans. This gem of classical architecture is ideally situated on top of a hill, approximately 60m above sea level, making the sky, the earth and the sea look at one! Delphi – Also known as the navel of the earth, Delphi is located in a unique location surrounded by a landscape of rugged and imposing grandeur. Delphi Oracle is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring many iconic monuments, which leave visitors thrilled and excited. Within easy reach from Athens, Delphi is the ideal destination for a day trip. Visit the Temple of Apollo located in a prominent and central position; the Theater of Delphi situated right above the Temple of Apollo offering stunning views to the lush green mountainous scenery; and the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, displaying findings telling the story of the Oracle. Epidaurus – Famous for its well-preserved ancient amphitheater dated back in 4th century BC, the seafront town of Palea Epidavros is about 2 hours driving from Athens, offering the ideal setting for those of you who would like to combine the ancient Greek gems, savoring at the same time that all important sun, sea and sand. What’s more, you could also enjoy an ancient tragedy performed in the Epidaurus Theater of exceptional acoustics under the moonlight and with the light breeze caressing your skin…all of them making for a unique experience. Mycenae – It’s one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, built on a rocky hill and surrounded by imposing stone walls. Thanks to its rich and diverse history, the Acropolis of Mycenae attracts many visitors every year who flock to the place to admire the structural masterpieces, mainly concerning royal tombs, and learn more details about the intriguing story of the Atreides family, with the Trojan hero Agamemnon being the leading figure. Ancient Olympia – The archaeological site of Ancient Olympia is worth dedicating an entire day. Located in a huge piece of land the site features a great selection of things to see. Entering the overwhelming archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, home of the Olympic Games, you’ll feel like traveling back in time. Admire the masterpiece structure of the Temple of Zeus and visit the Archaeological Museum where the staggering Hermes of Praxiteles is on display. To help you organize your holiday in Greece, Key Tours offers an ample selection of tours and excursions around remarkable historical sites, and many more.

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