Discover the city with outdoor Athens tours

Sep 23, 2020
Get the most out of your stay in the Greek capital through sensational, outdoor Athens tours that allow you to reap the rewards of its fantastic climate. Greece is a blessed country, enjoying plenty of sunshine throughout the year. During Autumn especially, in the aftermath of summer, the heat has subsided to slightly cooler temperatures that make touring Athens one of the most pleasant things to do, in a variety of ways. Athens is the perfect destination to tour by foot, by bike and open-top buses that maximize the benefits of its incredible weather. The added advantage of outdoor Athens tours is that they make going from one place to the next an easy, thrilling and absolutely safe experience.  Discovering Athens in Autumn will allow you to explore its unique allure through a plethora of outdoor Athens tours and activities that include visiting its most impressive ancient monuments as well as introducing you to its urban, more contemporary side. It all really depends on what you like to do, and what kind of tour would really intrigue you. Here are some of the top recommendations for getting to know the city through various outdoor Athens tours, with the expert guidance and local insight of Keytours Walking tours in Athens: The historic city center of Athens is relatively small, compared to other European major cities. Its size and the way the city is built round the majestic Acropolis rock lends itself to a number of enjoyable and scenic walking routes. Local Athenians will tell you that the best way to fully immerse yourself into the enchanting vibe of Athens is to saunter along its pedestrian streets. Starting from Koukaki, which is at the base of Acropolis’ south eastern side, you can walk up to the ancient monument and have the striking Odeon of Herodion Atticus and the Acropolis museum within arm’s reach. Yet by walking alone, you will not be able to fully grasp the magnitude of what you are witnessing. By booking your guided, walking tour of Athens & Acropolis, you’ll be able to learn all about the heritage and history of each site you visit. With this tour, you’ll also go by the National Gardens and the Temple of Olympian Zeus as well as the Ancient Agora. For those with a more exclusive and alternative tour experience in mind, our private walking tour of Athens: Footsteps of Socrates will immerse you further into understanding the intricacies of daily life in the ancient times.  Cycling tours in Athens: If you are eco-friendly and prefer to cycle than walk, then our cycling tours in Athens are for you. Taking you on a ride around the city’s top attractions, our Historical Athens Eco-Bike Tour allows you to visit a handful of sites, in the shortest time possible. What’s more about this cycling tour is that it fully reveals the city’s architectural evolution throughout the ages as well as taking you to unique spots for the most overwhelming views of Athens. Cycling tours are becoming all the more popular since they combine a bit of healthy exercise with touring. For this reason, at Keytours we devised two brand new cycling tours for in and around Athens. For those who prefer to ride in the early evenings, our Athens by Night Tour with E-Bike is just the thing. Athens city is equally enchanting by night, if not more so, with all the monuments being brightly illuminated against the dark sky, with the hype of the city slowly picking up after dusk. The charm of Athens, however, is not confined to its historical center. The long stretch of its coast makes our Athens Grand Riviera Tour with E-Bike a pure sensation for the more adventurous types or for those who have already discovered the treasures of the center already.  Hop-on/Hop-off tours in Athens: Mostly suited to those of you who favour a more leisurely approach to touring, are our Hop-on/Hop-off tours in Athens. Our open-top, double decker buses take you to all the major sites of the city, with your comfort and convenience guaranteed. Sit back and relax while you take all the sights and sounds of Athens city in as we drive you around. With tickets valid for 48 hours, you can literally hop on and off at your leisure, around 15 regular stops that take you to the city’s major sites. With these types of tours, you have absolute freedom in your itinerary, plus we provide audio commentary equipment on board, available in 12 languages. 

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