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Apr 24, 2018

For every traveller type, there is the right travel experience. For the adventurous ones, the culture seekers, the food aficionados, the archaeological enthusiasts, the sailing fans, the luxury lovers, the family travellers and the sunset chasers. With Greece being a holiday classic for many and justifiable reasons and Keytours being an leading tour expert, together, these two aspects bring travellers incredibly profound and inspiring tour experiences, satisfying their wanderlust. Matching travellers’ interests with the experience that will thrill them, is something we do on a daily basis. Follow the Keytour path to a one-of-a-kind tour experience, just for you!

The Samaria Gorge

Greek Adventure & Active toursThe most active and adventurer type of travellers will find our most adventurous tours simply thrilling. These types of tours combine an element of activity, coupled with spectacular scenery. From our selection of hiking tours in Greece, the most energetic of travellers get to experience the astonishing Meteora attraction which will literally take their breath away through ancient trails and unfrequented hiking paths that reveal the staggering boulders and their cliff top monasteries’ imposing presence bit by bit. The Cretan natural marvel of Samaria Gorge is also unmissable; it is a impressive trail of 16 km as you descend the ravine of monumental rock formations. Our walking & cycling tours in Greece cover a wider range of interests, from discovering Athens and its intricacies like a local to a few other destinations such as Mykonos and Nafplion.

The Ancient Olympia site

Greek Heritage & Cultural toursGreece has rightfully claimed the title of being the cradle of civilisation, and its countless ancient ruins and relics constantly remind visitors of its glorious past. It goes without saying that Greece is brimming with loads of Greek heritage & cultural tours that take you on a journey to discover the timelessness of Ancient Greece. Culture seekers will find plenty of tour options in this category. Apart from the numerous culture spots available in Athens, you can spend a few days discovering the amazing landmarks of its outskirts such as Delphi, Epidaurus, Mycenae and of course Olympia, the birthplace of the legendary Olympic Games that live on until this day. Furthermore, the UNESCO heritage site tours in Greece showcase the world acclaimed sites that deserve your attention.

Greek Food & Gastro tours

Greek Food & Gastro toursIf there is one thing that modern Greeks do extremely well, it is eating; that is cooking and eating. The Mediterranean cuisine is renowned all over the world for its great nutritional value, at the centre of which is of course, the extra virgin olive oil. With the Keytours Greek Food & Gastro tours we invite you to see, smell and ultimately taste the most traditional, most popular, most talked about Greek recipes. Learn about your favourite Greek dish, where it comes from, what it is made of and even how to make it. Discover some new flavours too, with the seal of approval of authentic Greek cooking, made only with the freshest ingredients. Of course, local wine and Ouzo as well as other local drinks are also on the itinerary, because the second thing that Greeks do best is drinking! Take one of our many food tours, so you don’t have to eat like a tourist. With our guarantee, you will eat like a Greek!

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