Hydra island: a step back in time

Sep 19, 2014
Just one and a half hour from the major port of Piraeus, Hydra is one of the most precious gems in the Saronic Gulf. Thanks to its proximity to Athens and its quaint surroundings, Hydra is an ideal weekend destination or…why not a day trip suggestion. The minute you step foot on this beautiful island, you’ll feel the change in the air. First of all, cars are not allowed, so plus 1 for this! Start your tour around the town walking along the picturesque harbor, where you can have a coffee to pick you up. The cobbled streets are the perfect setting for a romantic stroll and the island’s many cultural and historical spots, such as the Historical Archive make it a pleasant surprise for history buffs! However, the whole of Hydra and in particular its architecture and the blooming courtyards are also a vision! To soak up that all important sun, sea and sand walk to any of the nearby beaches, such as Spilia and Ydronetta, where you can enjoy fun diving from the rocks. Walk though a pebbled pathway and you’ll reach some more idyllic shores, Vlychos and Mpisti, which are also organized. Crystal clear waters and serene ambiance is a common place in all beaches on the island. If you wish to further explore Hydra, but not really in the mood of walking try a donkey ride. These friendly souls will take you all around the island and even to the most inaccessible spot! Return to town for some fresh sea food overlooking the tranquil waters and the moored fishing boats or have lunch in any of the seaside tavernas located in most of the island’s small beaches. So, if you are traveling with your other half and need a place to enjoy intimate moments in a sophisticated ambiance, this once flourishing captains’ island shall provide you with an utterly romantic setting. On the other hand, for those of you who just want to relax and enjoy peaceful moments after your busy days around Athens, Key Tours can organize the perfect day cruise for you on which you’ll get the chance to visit more of the islands of the Saronic Gulf, such as Poros and cosmopolitan Spetses. For a short or longer break, marvelous Hydra would definitely make you day-dreaming!

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