Mystical Mainland Greece Tours to Meteora & Delphi

Sep 29, 2023


When it comes to UNESCO World Heritage sites, few places in the world boast more than Greece. With over 5,000 years of history under its belt, it is up there in the pantheon of civilizations that have stood the test of time and come out on the other side intact. In Greece, the mainland rules supreme, with incredible natural and man-made wonders such as the hanging monasteries of Meteora and the ancient Delphi oracle within a few hours’ distance from Athens. Mainland Greece tours are incredibly popular, and Keytours has several decades’ worth of expertise when it comes to organizing these excursions, so if you’re looking to explore and discover some of these ancient marvels, look no further. You can make a day of it, or check our overnight tours to get the lay of the land and experience each in all its glory.


For fans of natural wonders, Meteora is quite possibly one of the most spectacular sites in Europe if not the world. A series of limestone boulders, about 100 meters high, extend upwards amidst a green fertile valley in central Greece. This would be a valid enough reason to visit, but as of the 14th century BC, a growing number of monks decided to build monasteries up top to protect themselves from invaders. It is said that the first monk was Saint Athanasios o Meteoritis, who came from the large Athos monasteries of the north.

The result is jaw-dropping. Just like the sugar-cubed white houses that flank Sanrorini’s caldera, these monasteries seem to float up in the air. There are 6 remaining operational monasteries nowadays. Visiting any one of these monasteries is best done by train from Athens so that you can enjoy the ride full of scenic countryside landscapes.



Delphi on the other hand is purely a man-made affair, and one of the many archaeological sites that Greece is famous for. This was the most sacred of places for ancient Greeks. The area is imbued with a special aura that is hard to miss. Sloping down amidst olive groves, this small area is home to the temple of Apollo as well as a smattering of ruins such as the gymnasium, the Sanctuary of Athena Pronea as well as the Delphi Archaeological Museum.  Curiously, Delphi never had a city even back then, even though the 900 inhabitants of the nearby village of Delphi keep the spirit alive. That said, its unique singularity more than makes up for its small size, and strolling through these hallowed grounds is akin to walking around a spiritual vortex. Getting to Delphi is easier to get to, as it is located a short 2hr drive from Athens, while it is a 4hr drive from Meteora itself. 


When it comes to mainland Greece tours, few others are as special as visiting these spiritual hotspots of yesteryear. The ancients knew where the energy lines formed and accordingly built them. Both Delphi and Meteora have a potent aura about them, and visiting with Keytours will allow you to see each one with ease of comfort and organized efficiency. 

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