Supporting the power of a wish

Aug 7, 2019

Part of our core values at Keytours is to give back to the community, to support the livelihoods of the less fortunate, in the hope of providing a few rays of light where they are most needed. And we especially have a soft spot where children are considered, as we believe that it is children who are the future and we aspire to make it as bright as it can be for them. For this reason, one of our chosen charities for donations is Make-A-Wish Foundation, the organization that grants wishes to children with critical illnesses.

Granting these children their wishes, or ‘the wish experience’ as it is often referred to, fills their spirits with hope and empowers them to imagine and keep believing. Children belonging to the Make-A-Wish Foundation are asked the following question: “If you could have one wish, what would it be?” For each child, their wish is different. Some want a pet to share their moments with, others to visit places they have been dreaming about; each is as unique as the child itself.

When it comes to travel wishes especially, Keytours rises to the occasion. Being a leading, sightseeing tour agency in Greece, our tours are designed to enrich people’s experience when visiting a place. It therefore brings us great pleasure to be able to share our tours with those who have expressed an ardent desire for a travel experience, more than anything else in the world. We are just the facilitators of this kind of dream; the protagonists are the children themselves.

Living with a critical or terminal illness is something gravely disconcerting, affecting the psyche of not only the affected individual but also their relatives too. That is why granting wishes is regarded as a life-affirming experience for the entire family. There is something quintessentially altruistic in making these children’s most heartfelt wishes come true, restoring hope, renewing strength and returning the joys of childhood. And it is this sentiment that is tightly woven into our philosophy at Keytours.

Many of the children of Make-A-Wish Foundation go on to lead happy, healthy lives and often cite their wish experience as a key turning point. They speak about the life-changing power of the wish with great gratitude and this is what makes every effort and every act of generosity worthwhile.

We will continue to share and support the power of the wish, in an incessant quest to bring comfort and moments of happiness to those who have been made warriors by life itself.

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