Top Greek tours based on your traveller type

Mar 3, 2020
If you are looking for recommendations on the top Greek tours based on your traveller type, then let us, your Greek tour experts, rise to the occasion. Your traveller type or the company you choose to be on holiday with will tend to define the most suitable types of experiences that will really enhance your vacation.

At Keytours, we want to make your Greek tours with us the highlights of your trip. We see tours as the most enjoyable way to learn about the place you are visiting, combined with spending quality time with your chosen individual(s). Even if you are a solo traveller, taking one of our tours without a companion is not an issue as during our tours you will feel connected and engaged, receiving a detailed and guided account of the places you choose to visit. Whatever your circumstances, we are delighted to present the top Greek tours based on your traveller type.

1) Solo travellers | Athens to Meteora by train There is a place which those who have visited cannot ever forget. The mystical Meteora peaks in central Greece are striking rock formations that appear as if by divine intervention. Meteora is the ultimate destination for those who seek a place that makes them feel aligned with a higher power or energy. Solo travellers who are on their own personal pilgrimage of self discovery will feel a strange sense of belonging, of wholeness, of universal synchronicity visiting this UNESCO World Heritage site. With our Meteora day trip from Athens by train, solo travellers need not worry about the logistics of how to get there. Jump on the train and reach Kalambaka in the shortest time possible through some truly stunning countryside visuals of Greece.

2) Friends | Site-seeing from above Groups of up to 5 friends looking for a bit of excitement in and around Athens can take to the Greek skies and see the city like never before. There are only two prerequisites: no fear of flying, and bringing your camera! Our helicopter tour of Athens will also fly you over Nafplio, the Corinth Canal and Aegina island within an hour and a half of soaring the Greek sky. Your tour will be characterised by breathtaking visuals of the urban scenes that unravel below. Have you ever witnessed the historical center and the Acropolis from above? On this tour you will, as well as a number of other important monuments along the way. Witness the temple of Aphaia on Aegina, the theater of Epidaurus, the entire archaeological area of Mycenae, the Ancient Corinth. Pretty amazing right?

3) Couples | Your Santor-dreamy romance For those of you who are visiting Greece with your other half, one destination that should be at the top of your list is the disarming Santorini. This enchanting Cycladic island has been a poll of attraction for countless couples who wish to borrow some of Santorini’s abundant amorous exuberance. Its mass appeal boils down to the following reasons: the dramaticness of the Caldera cliff, the seductive volcano in plain sight, the sublime sunset colours left in the sky after sundown, and the unique colourful beaches. Falling in love comes naturally in Santorini, which exudes a kind of magic that satiates the soul. Couples wanting to discover the full extent of Santorini’s charm, can take their pick from sunset boat tours, morning tours of the Caldera, a wine adventure tour or a private tour of Oia with our Santorini tours. The more you see, the more you get to experience and the more you will fall in love with the island, your partner and life in general. 4) Older families | Smooth sailing around the Saronic Last but not definitely not least, visiting Greece with older members of the family is a very rewarding travel experience. Family travel is mostly associated with young families travelling with children, however, there are those families who are comprised of older members too, such as grandparents or other seniors, as well as families with older children. Older families will love a one day cruise to Poros, Hydra and Aegina islands from Athens; these are the closest islands to Athens and are a popular choice for many locals seeking a quick escape from the city. You will get to sail to the top three islands, with ample time to amble around in each destination. We make arrangements for food and beverage on board as well as a live Greek folklore show for your entertainment. Just make sure you can all spend 12 hours enjoying our Greek touring hospitality.

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