Tour the Greek seas: Cruises from Athens

Jul 8, 2019

There one thing that characterises Greece entirely: the sea. It has played a huge role in the livelihoods of people throughout the centuries. It has a prominent role in countless mythological fables. It has been the source of inspiration that has shaped the Greek culture. In fact, the blue stripes on the Greek flag are said to symbolise the sea, while the white stripes symbolise the sky. It therefore goes without saying that in order to experience the quintessential side of Greece, you should tour the Greek seas. Cruises from Athens: Athens, being a coastal city, enjoys many advantages yet the most obvious of those is the fact that it benefits from a massive coastline that measures to about 70 km long. It is also the starting point for visiting the islands of the Saronic gulf which are the closest to the Greek capital. Whether you have a day or half a day to spend in Athens and would like to experience the indescribable feeling of being at sea, at Keytours we have combined our expertise of Greece with the most wonderful way to tour Greece.

Athenian Riviera tour by sea The coast of Athens, or also known as the riviera of Athens, is best explored via a cruise. The alternative is to drive along the shoreline, however, if its swim stops you are after, it is common knowledge in Greece that the city beaches are not, well, to put it lightly, the best. As with any other coastal city, the further away you venture from the center, the better the beaches become. With a sailing cruise to the Athens Riviera, you won’t have to worry about driving as you simple relax on board a catamaran while our tour experts tell you the story about how it was developed as you go along. You will able to gaze upon the wonderful coast from afar, enjoy 2 to 3 swim stops as well as a delicious BBQ lunch.

Saronic islands cruises Being the closest islands to Athens, the Saronic islands convey a sense of plausible relaxation that is hard to resist. Aegina is an island that retains close links to its tradition and is widely known for its pistachio production, Hydra for its neoclassical allure, while Agistri is a nice all-rounder of an island. These islands provide a sensational, short getaway from Athens as they can all be reached just under an hour from the main port, Piraeus. A day cruise to Agistri and Aegina will reveal some unique visuals, as you get to approach via an alternative to the usual sea route, and enjoy swim stops in translucent waters, away from the crowds. Another recommendation for a Saronic islands cruise from Athens is to visit the most popular destinations of this island cluster, namely Poros, Hydra and Aegina. In one day, that is 12 hours, you will get familiarized with the top three islands of the Saronic gulf, with optional excursions to discover each island’s unique charm as well as entertainment on board.

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