Tours in Athens kids will love

Mar 15, 2022

Planning a family excursion can be quite a handful. Exploring with the kids means there are a lot of things to consider; from ensuring that everything is running smoothly to securing fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. Keytours has selected the most kid friendly tours in Athens and from Athens that give you the best options for your family’s perfect visit.

Kid Friendly Tours in Athens

Athens City Tour by Bike

This is the best kid friendly tour in Athens as the whole family can discover the capital of Greece, in the most fun and active way possible. Allow your kids to visit the most interesting places around, learn about the significant history of the Greek capital and come across all the charm and hidden gems of the city on a bike! Cycling around Athens at a relaxed pace, using a safe, traffic-free route is the best way to get to know the city from an alternative point of view, discovering all the hotspots, while making your family’s visit in Athens the most pleasant experience.

Athens Classic Tour with Electrical Bicycle

This is another highly recommended kid friendly tour in Athens, as you give your kids a chance to enjoy a fun and easy ride to the best city attractions by exploring places besides the regular tour sightseeing bus. They can follow the least frequented routes, as well as the famous archeological sites and wonderful secret spots only locals know of. The fun continues while stopping at picture-perfect locations to take memorable photos as you all appreciate both the ancient and the modern side of Greece to the fullest. Your kids will love the historic, trivial, playful aspect of this tour.

Kid Friendly Tours From Athens

Truffle Hunting at Meteora

Within the majestic and unspoiled forests of Kalampaka, under the breathtaking rocks of Meteora, your family will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique and wonderful excursion. This kid friendly tour consists of truffle hunting, tasting a delicious pasta dish, visiting the Mushroom Museum and trying various mushroom products. There are 51 different mushroom and truffle products to choose from, so be sure that we can satisfy all tastes. Of course everyone will love our expert escort Christos, but mostly, his truffle-hunting dog, Brio.

Poros – Hydra – Aegina One Day Cruise from Athens

Take the family on a day cruise from Athens to the wonderful Saronic Gulf islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina for a blissful day at sea. Appreciate every island for its unique and distinguishable attributes. Remember Poros for its marvelous, historical clock tower, fall in love with cosmopolitan Hydra island for its picturesque capital, savor the taste of the world famous pistachios in Aegina island forever. And if all these are not enough, rest assured that the Greek folklore show of traditional music and dancing on board will lift your kids spirits.

Semi-Private Day Cruise to Agistri, Moni and Aegina

If a day at sea is your family’s no.1 idea of fun, then another kid friendly tour from Athens would be a scenic sailing cruise with a traditional wooden boat to Agistri, Moni and Aegina. The highlights of this tour is shore-stopping to Agistri & Aegina islands, with refreshing swim stops in translucent blue waters along the way, feasting on delicious Greek food, snorkeling around Moni island and exploring the island to meet its resident locals (goats, rabbits and peacocks), who will become your kids friends for life!

All kid friendly tours in Athens are thrilling experiences for the whole family that aim to educate, entertain and familiarize you with our city’s finest treasures, in the most fun way possible.

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