What happened in #TBEXAthens, didn’t stay in Athens!

Nov 3, 2014
What an amazing experience! TBEX the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, new media content creators and travel industry professionals was hosted in Athens for the first time! More than 850 people gathered from every far corner of the world to the birthplace of democracy and Western culture to talk about the future of travel blogging. KeyTours, a leading tour operator in Greece, unveiled its expertise to unravel the fascination of Greece to all participants of the conference. Providing free thematic tours to all travel-minded adventurers, media colleagues and luxurious visitors, KeyTours, being a sponsor of TBEX, helped them experience the best Greece has to offer and made them understand how much there is to see in Athens and Greece. Interest in the Acropolis, Delphi, Sounio and more places was phenomenal, as well as more local tours in the city of Athens saw great turnout. Adjusting back to Canadian time. What a great trip! Thank You! to @Key_Tours @WalksofItaly and @TBEXevents for showing us a great time — Chris Williams (@RealManTravels) October 30, 2014 What really puts a smile on our face though was all the participants whom we’ve met and were thrilled for visiting Athens. Everybody seemed to have only good things to say about Greece! Most of the people never had visited our country before or had many years ago. They were delighted to see a modern city that has left behind it its crisis days and is embracing the digital revolution, while maintaining its love for antiquity and philoxenia, and they tweeted about it, a lot! More than 14.500 times achieving more than 68.086.915 impressions of #ThisIsAthens and #TBEXAthens

@Key_Tours @buhalis Excellent Cape Sounion Tour!! #Athens #imanathenian pic.twitter.com/KN9pkbzdoh — KAT VON B (@TRAVELINGGREEK) October 28, 2014

We speak on behalf of everyone when we say that it will be an honor to provide philoxenia to TBEX again, so see you soon!

#TBEXAthens #ThankYou!

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