Why choose Keytours Private Tours in Athens

Jul 14, 2021
We give you 5 reasons to choose Keytours, the tour experts, for your private tours in Athens. Once you have chosen to visit a destination like Athens, you have probably already done some amount of research on all the amazing sites waiting for you to discover them. But there is nothing more priceless than local knowledgeable insight. Bridging the time gap between antiquity and now, Athens does indeed have a myriad of things to see and experience that will thrust you centuries back all the while bringing you to grips with the Athens of today. Since there is so much to witness and actually learn about within this unique city that spans not one or two but three millenia, our private tours in Athens are in fact the best way to explore it all.

5 reasons to choose our Private Tours in Athens

1. Our long standing expertise Keytours have been taking visitors on fascinating tours in Athens and Greece since 1963. That is almost 6 decades of expertise for Keytours, which we proudly share with you. We take our job as your commissioned companions very seriously, with a deep and heartfelt desire to show you all the beauties of our riveting city. We value each and every customer and treat you like our own personal guests when you join one of our private tours in Athens. We always had and will continue to have the highest of standards when it comes to touring, wanting to offer you a tour experience that you will remember, reminisce about and tell your friends and family back home. 2. Personal, professional guides We know the ins and outs of Athens city, its long history, heritage and culture and how that has been shaped in the centuries of past and present. We know the most intriguing places, steeped in legend and fable. We know the Athens of today and the most interesting facts that you will not find online or even on any other tour. We offer our local insight generously through our knowledgeable, professional guides who are at your disposal and give you full disclosure on any site you visit. You can ask questions and if you have none, we will voluntarily give you the most unusual bits of information that will make you ask for more! We also speak your language. Our private tours in Athens can be done in English, Italian or French. 3. Private luxury transportation Athens is a busy city and can be a hectic place especially during peak summer months and during rush hour. For this reason alone we wish to save you all the hassle that that entails, and transfer you from your desired point of pickup with a private, air-conditioned luxury vehicle. Not only do you travel in absolute comfort, but you will also be travelling in great style from place to place without worrying about the climbing temperatures, having to maneuver around other people and getting to designated meeting spots in a rush and on time for your pick-up. For us, your convenience and making sure you join our tours with your best mood, is something we do not compromise on. 4. Tour flexibility & customization At Keytours, we have set itineraries on the most popular tours, however, with our private tours in Athens we also give you the flexibility to customize your chosen tour if you think it needs tweaking to perfectly suit your preferences. This service is quite unique since you can become a sort of curator of your own itinerary and/or your time, especially if you are on a tight schedule. We are open to listen to your specific desires and offer you solutions that will work optimally for you. Our tour flexibility is part of our dedication to offering you the best possible and smoothest tour experience, personalised to your own interests and one which you will relay to others in the years to come.

5. Covid-safe touringRest assured, all our tours ensure your safety every step of the way. With regards to Covid-19, you’ll be pleased to know that all our staff is trained in all the latest hygiene protocols and procedures. We ensure a safe travel experience for you in various ways. We clean, disinfect and sanitise our vehicles thoroughly before and after every tour, taking extra care with sensitive touch areas such as seats, armrests, side walls and overhead compartments. Additionally our vehicles are equipped with carbon filters that capture 99% of microscopic bacteria and we provide sanitizing dispensers at the doors. All our staff and guides undergo regular Covid-testing and frequent temperature checks and everyone uses personal protective equipment such as face masks or face shields and optional gloves. A further benefit on our tours are the Whisper Devices given to all travelers in order to keep social distancing guidelines.

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