Your 8 point guide to discovering Athens as a solo traveler

Nov 23, 2020
Visiting Athens as a solo traveler is a wonderfully great idea. Why? Well, the main reasons are that it is a relatively small capital city, easy to get around for the most part. It is brimming with a myriad of things to do as well as things to learn about its history and culture, both past and present. In Athens solo travellers will witness the grandeur of its legendary monuments as well as indulge in the fulfilling enjoyment of the more simple things in urban daily life. Great gastronomy and entertainment are also things that are quintessentially Athenian. What’s more is that Athens is a coastal city too, so a venture out to the sea is only a short distance away. And being locals as well as tour operators in Athens, here is our 8 point guide to discovering Athens as a solo traveler. 

Athens Solo Travel: 8 point guide for an amazing solo trip! 

1. Stay centrally

First timers in Athens should definitely make the most out of staying centrally, so that your distances to the historic center are minimized. This means you have more time to spend exploring rather than in traffic. Your best bet is to book a hotel, or any other kind of accommodation you prefer, close to the city center or within walking distance to a metro station. Combining walking with public transport is the easiest way to traverse the city. Acropolis, Syntagma, Fix, Monastiraki, Kerameikos, Omonoia and Metaxourgeio stations are the most central metro stations, while you can easily stroll around their corresponding districts on foot too! 

2. Eat locally

Greek gastronomy is known far and wide for its tantalizing flavours and healthy dishes. When in Athens, be sure to taste, eat and live a feast-type of dining experience in a traditional Greek tavern. Athenians love going back to their roots so it is highly likely that you will get to blend in with the locals and borrow some of their ‘kefi’ (roughly translated as ‘spirit’ or ‘exuberance’). Anafiotika neighbourhood is notorious for having many quaint taverns that will occasionally also have a live music band. Alternatively, you could join an Athens food tour for an insightful introduction to Athens’ top authentic eats. And for those of you who are even more interested in discovering the secrets of the Greek cuisine, why not take an Athens cooking lesson and dinner

3. Shopping therapy for all

Athens provides various kinds of shopping for everyone. Apart from the shopping high street of Ermou, where you will find many commercial brands, on Voukourestiou you will find some designer brands, while if its markets you are interested in, you’ll find the open air flea market in Monastiraki as well as colourful antique and vintage shops in Thissio and Psyrri. Athens has a few shopping malls too, Attica and Notos in the center while a few more are located further away from the center most easily accessed via car or taxi. 

4. Get to grips with history

Visit the historical sites of Athens to get to grips with the city’s riveting history. Start with the Acropolis, the crown jewel, which you can combine with a visit to the Acropolis museum opposite the rock. Other top landmarks to visit are the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the ancient Agora among others. If you prefer to have company while you are sightseeing, you could join our small group Athens guided tours to learn from our expert insight and, why not, meet some new, like-minded, interesting people? 

5. Leisurely, rooftop moments

Another local favourite that Athens solo travelers should not miss is to admire Athens from the above – whether it’s for a coffee, a brunch during the day or a dinner or a cocktail in the evening. There are various lovely rooftop bars and all day cafes that offer stunning Acropolis views and Athens skyline vistas that highlight the uniquely enchanting ambiance of the Greek capital. is something you cannot miss.

6. Nearby Greek island escape

One other unique feature of Athens that solo travelers will love is the option to visit the nearby Greek islands of the Argosaronic. Greece enjoys a wonderful climate mostly all year round, so, if the weather conditions are fine, don’t miss the opportunity to take a scenic day cruise to Agistri, Aegina and Moni islands. You’ll get to get a small taste of the Greek island allure and be back in Athens for dinnertime! 

7. Visit the museums 

Browse through our Athens museum tours to discover the magic behind the local culture and how it has evolved. The city has a plethora of different kinds of museums, spanning archaeological, historical and art interest, so Athens solo travelers should have no trouble singling out a few that are just a perfect fit, since there is something for everyone to be excited about.

8. Talk to the locals

Greek hospitality extends to mostly every manner of interaction you have. Being great hosts is wired into the Greek DNA, since the ancient times. In antiquity, the Olympian god Zeus was often referred to as ‘Xenios’ that means host, signifying the great importance of hospitality that Greeks proudly personify today! So don’t be shy; ask us anything, whether it’s directions, recommendations, just for a quick chat or a fully fledged philosophical discussion. Greeks are friendly, warm and welcoming just like the glorious Greek sun! 

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