Free last minute changes

In case of rescheduling your booking there is no penalty fee. You only have to call us 24 hours prior to any tour* departing from Athens or 4 working days prior to any tours departing from other parts of Greece, in order for us to make any necessary changes. Even for cancellations there are no penalty fees up to 4 working days prior to your tours*. (Ferry and airline tickets are excluded as the shipping and the airline companies have different policies). In some cases a fee may be levied by the individual supplier / operator for tours starting out of Athens, but never by Key Tours-. Please note that date changes are subject to the availability of the tours.

* Disclaimer: Multiday tours can be rescheduled up to a week before the date of the tour, you may cancel up to 7 working days prior to the date of the tour.

Maximum flexibility with free last minute changes.

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