Athens by night tour – Another side of the city

Sep 14, 2022
  View of Acropolis and Odeon Herodes Atticus, landmarks to see with an Athens by night tour

While most tours focus on showing you around the city during the daytime, an Athens by night tour reveals a different kind of charm. Come nightfall, Athens transforms itself from the absolute enchantress to the ultimate seductress. The city comes alive in a new way, where urban and ancient merge as one under the veil of darkness. And that is where true magic happens – the thousand year old monuments and ancient ruins are illuminated by city lights, offset by a star-strewn or moonlit sky. Their imposing presence disarms and overwhelms every fiber of your being. Yet Athens is much more than just its most emblematic ancient sites – history is one thing but culture is another. See the city reveal itself anew with our Athens by night tour that uncovers the city at its shiniest and most vibrant.

Off-the-beaten path with an Athens by night tour

Our Athens by night tour begins by showing you another side of Piraeus port – visitors of Athens usually only ever visit this area as part of their onward sea journeys to reach one of the Greek islands. In actual fact, the area has a less commercial and more social feature to it, with Mikrolimano being the best example. It is a picturesque yacht harbour, populated with a plethora of tavernas, restaurants, cafes and lounge bars with wonderful views over the bobbing boats.

From there we take you towards the center and around the city’s most iconic landmarks. With the historical center revolving around the Acropolis citadel, you’ll get to witness the Temple of Olympian Zeus, pass by the National Garden followed by the Parliament and the somber Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, before reaching the Catholic Cathedral, the Academy, the University and the National Library as well as the Old Parliament before arriving to the colourful Plaka district that is a hub of fun and vivacity at night.

Plaka is simply beautiful to traverse during the day, because the colours of the buildings show more gloriously in the sunshine, yet at night, it becomes your oyster to explore the entertainment mentality of the city and experience the characteristically Greek culture of meze, drinking and dancing. Disembarking the luxury bus, you will go on a short walk through old Athens, as the area is commonly referred to, since it is not an ancient neighbourhood per se but far from modern too. Plaka is adorned with neoclassical buildings that date back to the 19th century and listed houses with steps and winding footpaths that eventually lead up to the Acropolis rock. Amidst these grandiose structures, you will find many taverns that promote the local way of revelry. And this is one experience that is simply unmissable.

Join us for a feast of a dinner, accompanied by live music and dancing. Indulge in meze favourites, sample local Greek drinks like ouzo, tsipouro and raki and move along to the rhythm of the bouzouki, the national instrument that resembles a more astute guitar sound and observe the traditional dance show, all of which attest to the perennially Greek identity. As the night progresses and the drinks flow, spirits are heightened and what began as a sit down dinner turns into a party of singing and dancing.

You do not have to dance if you don’t feel like it, you can choose vegan and vegetarian dinner options too, you may prefer to drink a beer or glass of wine if you find Greek spirits too strong for your liking. No pressure, no judgement – the night is yours to define as you please, but one thing is for sure. After our Athens by night tour you will realise why the ancient Greeks worshiped God of Feasts, Dionysus, as an equal member of the Pantheon. Having a great time has been running through Greek DNA for thousands of years with no evidence of it ending any time soon.


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