Here’s to all the travels to come in 2022!

Jan 24, 2022

In the past year, traveling was one of the things we reluctantly had to restrict. But it came at a cost; the cost of dreaming about that much deserved upcoming trip and all the excitement that comes prior to even starting your journey. This year, let’s focus on booking our trips instead of cancelling them. 

Let us once again indulge in the anticipation of travel itself and get to count down the days until we finally visit our dream place. After all, the wait is half the pleasure. Here’s to all the travels to come in 2022. Are you ready to start dreaming again? At Keytours we can give you a handful of places that will reignite the travel flame within. 

Our top picks for inspired travels in 2022: 


The mystifying Delphi was once known as the navel of the world. Easily one of the most important digs in all of Europe, tours to Delphi will reveal the immense cultural value of this archaeological site as you saunter around the ancient ruins with your guide. The energy at Delphi is something somewhat indescribable as you traverse the grounds and  see the famous monuments such as that of the Argive Kings, the treasury of the Athenians, the Athenian Stoa, the Polygonal Wall, the monument of Platea and, of course, the Temple of Apollo famous for its oracle.


The mystical Meteora is a one-of-a-kind destination of awe and wonder. This unique UNESCO World Heritage site exists somewhere between this world and the sublime heavens, yet it is found in Kalabaka of Trikala, central Greece. The peculiar, sky-high boulders that seem to be erected by the divine hand of God will take your breath away in a heartbeat while the monasteries built atop the peaks will leave you breathless. Visit Meteora by train from Athens for an even more exclusive journey experience through the pristine landscapes.   

Hydra island

Cosmopolitan and with an aristocratic island air, Hydra island is one of Greece’s most charming islands. It often gets overlooked by the more popular islands such as Mykonos and Santorini but neither can beat Hydra’s ambiance. The special architecture and shape of the sheltered port which is dotted with colourful estate houses and captain’s manors is something out of a painting, revealing  the island’s tumultuous history. The best way to visit it is by taking a one-day cruise to Hydra from Athens, combining Poros and Aegina islands all in one go.  

Athens city

We will never tire of talking about Athens. A city that has shaped Greek civilization and beyond, Athens never ceases to amaze even its locals. It blends time like no other city, encompassing the wonders of the ancient era with urban fascination. Apart from the plethora of ancient temples, monuments and findings, the city lends itself for discovering the most quintessential things to see. All you need to do is pick one (or more) of our Athens walking tours that best suit your interests and preferences and become urban explorers in a timeless city.   

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