Quintessential Athens travel itinerary

Jul 9, 2024

Planning a visit to the birthplace of Western civilization? Get ready for an unforgettable experience, as Athens offers a wealth of cultural treasures and historical wonders. To make the most of your journey, explore some of the best tours and excursions provided by Keytours. Here is a quintessential Athens travel itinerary that will help you dive deep into the heart of this incredible city and its environs.

Athens & Cape Sounion

Athens packs a lot in a small city, but here is one way to get the quintessential feel. Start off in Athens proper, and see all there is to see with the Athens One Day tour. It covers 10 hours (including lunch) and allows you to check out the iconic Acropolis, as well as its adjoining structures, including the Erechtheion, Theatre of Herodes Atticus, Propylaea, Temple of Athena Nike, in addition to the Parthenon. You’ll also get to see the Panathenaic Stadium, the Zappeion, the Athenian Trilogy, National Gardens and Parliament, plus a lot of lesser known monuments and attractions.bigstock-Greece-Cape-Sounio-Ruins-of-a-420657563.jpgHighlights of this Athens travel itinerary include a visit to the Acropolis Museum - one of the world’s finest, as voted by the public. In there, a parade of incredible artifacts and ground-level ancient ruins in situ await you, while after lunch the conclusion to this epic journey comes to an end with a visit to Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. Built in 44 BC on top of a hilltop overlooking the majestic Aegean, this place is imbued with a special kind of energy - one no doubt the Greeks were aware of back then. 

One-Day Cruise of the Saronic Gulf Islands

If you’re in Greece, a trip to the islands is practically obligatory -  so much that even the capital city affords you the privilege. With Keytours’ One-Day Cruise, you’ll visit 3 in one day, starting with Poros. This scenic little island is famous for its lemon tree forest and naval base, but the allure here is the simple life. Wander around the pretty harbor, do some shopping and have a drink before setting off for Hydra, the undisputed star of the trio. Hydra is famous for its bohemian vibes and picturesque harbor, and lately has become somewhat of an art hub. Cap it off with a stop at Aegina, taste the world-famous pistachios and admire the ancient Temple of Aphaia before returning to Athens. bigstock-Aerial-View-Of-Hydra-Town-In-H-334121725.jpg

Discover even more of Keytours and curate an Athens travel itinerary according to your preferences and schedule. Join us & let your journey of discovery of Greece begin! 

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