Sensational Greek outdoor activities & tours

May 18, 2021

With spring in full bloom and summer slowly establishing itself, the great Greek outdoors are calling all travellers to experience them in all their glory. The fantastic climate Greece is known for makes outdoor activities and tours the perfect way to discover its fascinating heritage and the joy that comes with it. 

At Keytours we have devised a series of Greek outdoor activities and tours that introduce you to a myriad of locations that have a story to tell through the rewarding visuals you’ll witness. So, if you are planning to visit Greece soon, be sure to check out the following recommendations on the most sensational Greek outdoor activities and tours.

Greek outdoor activities & tours: In Athens city

City vibes: For first timers in Greece, Athens city is by far your first port of call. Spring in Athens is probably the best season to experience it, followed by the Fall when temperatures are warm enough but not too warm to make outdoor activities and tours in Athens an absolute delight. Depending on your preferences, there are a few tours that might interest you. If you are early risers and enjoy walking, our early access Acropolis small guided tour is for you. You’ll get to beat the crowds and heat and admire the ancient citadel in glory of the early morning sun. If you are cycling enthusiasts why not try our Athens city bike tour? Prefer not to pedal? Our Athens classic tour with electrical bicycle takes is a low impact, fun and easy way to discover all the top Athenian sites.

Greek outdoor activities & tours: From Athens

Mainland: If you’ve already seen the capital’s landmarks, then let us suggest you take our small group Delphi one day tour from Athens. Delphi is a mesmerising place that used to be considered the navel of the world. The energy of the site is something almost indescribable, and a must experience, just two hours from Athens city. Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary? You may be intrigued by our new jeep safari tours to Parnitha mountain or to the legendary Marathon Lake combining a visit to a renowned winery too!

Greek outdoor activities & tours - Jeep Safari tours with Keytours Sea excursions: Of course, what is a trip to Athens without including some nearby island destinations on your touring bucket list? Athens is blessed with a couple of beautiful islands within just over an hour of cruising. The charming Agistri and Aegina islands are only a short sea journey away, while you’ll also get the chance to visit the uninhabited isle of Moni on our semi private day cruise from Athens. Want to see the Athenian coast from a unique perspective? Our sunset Athens Riviera sailing cruise does just that, during the most enchanting hour of the day – enjoy a BBQ dinner on board and feast your eyes on the magic of the sunset.

Greek outdoor activities & tours: Sea tours from islandsJet-set islands: We are well aware that there are two Greek islands that are a poll of attraction for travellers coming from around the world. Santorini and Mykonos are legendary destinations that attract many visitors each spring and summer. Wanting to give you an experience you won’t soon forget, we have designed two very exciting tours that take you round the most enthralling spots of these two Greek gem islands. If you are planning on being in the former, be sure to check out our Santorini catamaran sunset cruise that includes stopping at secluded swimming spots, a delicious BBQ on board as well as local wine tasting. If you’re planning on being in the latter, then our all inclusive, super sailing yacht cruise to Mykonos south beaches and Delos islands, is something you will not soon forget. Not only will you get to visit some of the island’s most astonishing beaches in absolute comfort, but you will also get to visit the spiritual Delos on a leisure cruise and admire it from afar as you savour on the delicious flavours we have carefully prepared for you.

Greek outdoor activities & tours - Mykonos sailing cruise with Keytours

Greek outdoor activities & tours: Hiking tours

Crete: Greece’s largest island is home to one of the most spectacular ravines in all the land. One for the active nature lovers, a 

hiking tour of Samaria Gorge will reveal the plenitude of natural beauty that encompasses the region. Spring is the best time to explore the gorge, since it is not too hot, as it usually gets during peak summer months, while the area is strictly off bounds during the wintertime. You will also get to see the endemic species of Kri Kri in its natural habitat as well as visit a picturesque fishing village and a refreshing dip in the sea after you complete the hike. If you are slightly deterred by the difficulty of the hike, you don’t need to. There is an Easy pace route for those who are not entirely comfortable with taking the normal hike route. Greek outdoor activities & tours - Samaria Gorge hike tour with Keytours

Meteora: Those who seek a hike to a more spiritual destination, there is no single place in Greece that is more mystical than Meteora. This hiking tour of Meteora gives you the chance to witness these monumental rock formations from a unique vantage point, as well as seeing the famous monasteries like never before. Our local mountain guides will tell you many stories pertaining to Meteora and their peculiar terrain, as well as informing you of the thousand years’ old history of this unique place, that way ensuring you will get to experience the heritage of the region first hand.

If any of the above have struck your fancy, then this Spring is the best time to take to the Greek outdoors with activities and tours in order to discover just how fascinating Greece really is.

Greek outdoor activities & tours - Meteora hike tour with Keytours

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