That’s Amore! Top 5 locations for an Italian Romance

Jun 24, 2016
Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the whole world. It’s natural beauty, its historical landmarks, its finesse, its flavours and its aromas have reverberated through centuries as being the inspiration for romance. Whether it is a new romance in bloom, fueled by the excitement of your first kiss or if it is to seal your love, making it stronger and announcing it to the world by proposing… these top 5 locations are sure to provide the movie-like setting for your romantic pledge!  1) Florence – Ponte Vecchio: Caption: Ponte Vecchio at sunset The birthplace of the Renaissance in Tuscany, the city of Florence is filled with iconic sites, architectural marvels and cultural art marvels. Yet, there is one bridge that will hold a special place in your heart: Ponte Vecchio. Literally meaning ‘old bridge’, it stands over the serene river Arno, and is salient enough to have inspired a mention in Puccini’s renowned opera ‘O mio bambino caro’. Up until the recent past, it was a popular location for thousands of love locks, although the municipal authorities have since removed them. Interestingly, it is the only bridge that was not bombarded by Nazis, thus it survived entirely unharmed.  It makes it top of our list as even war could not destroy the aura of this uber-amorous location!  Caption: Ponte Vecchio at night, with fireworks. 2) Siena – Torre del Mangia: Caption: View of Torre del Mangia from the Piazza del Campo The tallest tower of Siena, and third tallest in Italy overlooks the great medieval square of Piazza del Campo. The Torre del Mangia is the perfect place to elevate your love! Offering striking views of the grand drome-like square below, together you’ll gaze down at the refreshing fountain of the world, the Fonte Gaia, and admire the fan of brickwork which was the flooring technique of the medieval market that once was. From the imposing, stone tower ladies will feel like a modern day…Rapunzel! The view from above is incredible, overlooking the immense piazza with people appearing as tiny as ants. Visitors testimonials often mention that flocks of swallows fly around the top of the tower, adding to the romance factor of your experience. Swallows symbolize freedom, love, care, affection and hope for new beginnings, making this an amazing place for an emotional marriage proposal…  Caption: View from the top of Torre del Mangia, looking down on the Piazza del Campo & Fonte Gaia 3) Venice – Ponte dei Sospiri: Caption: Gondolas glide below the Ponte dei Sospiri Known as the Bridge of Sighs, located in the immersed and enchanting city of Venice, is a conflicted site sharing a harsh reality but a very romantic legend. During the 19th century, the bridge was the last view that small-time criminals had before they were taken to underground cells. As if to mitigate the bad connotation of the reality, a local legend was spurred, whispered from one resident to another and echoing across centuries, until it was known all over the world: a kiss under this bridge while gliding in a traditional gondola, at sunset and as the bells of St. Mark’s Campanile toll, grants the lovers eternal love and happiness. Commission a gondola, and explore the magnificent water streets of Venice, sharing affectionate moments where they are inspired… Caption: Gondolas waiting to take you on the most romantic ride! Caption: Close-up of the Ponte dei Sospiri – Bridge of Sighs 4) Rome – Fontana di Trevi: Gracing the capital city since 1762, this spectacular fountain is one of Rome’s landmarks visited from all over the world. It is common to throw a coin into the Fontana di Trevi and make a wish, but according to the original ‘virgin’ legend, a coin throw ensures safe return to Rome. Lovers should not be disappointed! Do as locals do, and visit the mini fountain on the left, of the Fontana di Trevi which is also known as, the Lover’s fountain. Here the legend speaks of eternal love and devotion for the couple that drinks from that water. Caption: Central caption of the Fontana di Trevi   5) Milan – Parco Sempione: Caption: View of the Arch of Peace within Parco Sempione One of the most romantic things you can do is easy and simple, and it doesn’t cost much either; a picnic in the Parco Sempione in Milan. The largest park in Milan, it is next to the Sforza Castle and the Arch of Peace so you can effortlessly enjoy wide panoramic views of these two landmarks as well. Pack a light lunch full of Italian goodness: some local cheese, prosciutto, crackers and bite-sized fruit, and a bottle of vino are all you need! Find your favourite spot by the lake and sit on the grass enjoying endless hours of laid-back leisure with your loved one. Need a break from lazy leisure? A few more points of interest in the area are the Arena Civica stadium that you can stroll around at your own pace, and the Civic Aquarium of Milan, home to an extensive collection of Italian marine life on display. Caption: Picnic selection – Italian goodness! Caption: Sforza Castle courtyard

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