Top Greece tours for Spring 2023 – Mystical Delphi

Mar 14, 2023
Delphi tours

With March marking the end of winter and the gradual transition into warmer days, it’s fair to say Spring has finally sprung in Greece. Now is the perfect time to go on those Greece tours you’ve had your eye on for a while because Spring lets you really explore a destination such as Greece, an open-air museum of thousands of ancient relics lying in plain sight. If this Spring finds you in Athens city, at Keytours propose one location that is both a bestseller and unmissable for the top Greece tours for Spring.

Spotlight on the mystical Delphi

The mystical Delphi site is one of the 18 in Greece inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage List. Considered the navel of civilization during antiquity, the site of Delphi was a sacred precinct, revered far and wide. It was known and visited for its Oracle which played a salient role in ancient Greece’s economic, political and social synergies. Greek generals and nation leaders throughout antiquity flocked to Delphi to listen to Pythia’s prophecies prior to making any major strategic decisions that affected the state. Pythia, the Oracle’s high priestess was a celebrated seer who was believed to relay the words and visions that the Gods and Goddesses bestowed upon her.

What to see during a tour of Delphi:

Your must-see check-list in Delphi should include the following notable landmarks:

  • Temple of Apollo – An imposing temple sanctuary dedicated to Apollo, the god of music, harmony, light, and healing.
  •  Athenian Treasury – The place where donations and votive offerings to Apollo were gathered for safekeeping.
  • Temple of Athena Pronaia – A group of structures comprising temples, treasuries and the famous Tholos of Delphi.
  • Delphi Museum – The archaeological museum on the site that hosts a myriad of rare artifacts found during the excavations.
  •  Charioteer of Delphi – Located within the museum, this is an iconic relic of an ex-voto, rumored to depict one of the Pythian Games winners, circa 470 B.C.

The ancient site, although worn down by the normal passage of time, is preserved to a great extent till this day. Some monuments found around the Delphi site date back to 1400 BC, making them a staggering 3500 years old. Visiting it you will immediately feel a shift in energy if you can open your heart and listen closely. As soon as you set foot, you will be taken by the sweeping views that surround you, revealing steep hillsides, mountain peaks and valleys. As you make your way through the relics of columns and temples, you will feel a surge of empowerment fill your insides. We won’t say more because we can’t – it is almost impossible to accurately describe the feeling of this sacred place since it is a personal experience for everyone.

How to get the most out of your tour of Delphi

At Keytours, we have various tours to Delphi from Athens, depending on how much time you can dedicate to spend discovering the site and some worthwhile others along the way.

If you have 3-4 days available, take our advice and combine Delphi with Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia and/or Meteora. These 3-4 days will cover so much in terms of the core of Greece’s ancient heritage, outside the confines of Athens city.

If you have 2 days available but prefer to take things easy and at a leisurely pace, we have designed our Two-Day Delphi Tour from Athens for precisely this reason. This tour includes a night stay at Delphi and a lovely morning tour of the modern town of Delphi and Arachova too.

If you only have 1 day to dedicate, then by all means, the Delphi One Day Trip from Athens is the right one for you. Within just one full day, you will get to grips with one of Greece’s most salient and mystifying ancient sites in all its history. 

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