Tours from Athens in Winter

Dec 10, 2018
Tours from Athens in Winter

Short tours from Athens in Winter are utterly enjoyable. This way you can still retain your base in the city, with the option to do some exploring with the expert guides of Key Tours! Wintertime is a wonderful season in Athens and Greece in general. The mildness of the Mediterranean climate that Greece enjoys is more so apparent during the ‘colder’ months of the year. It is quite common to have a December full of clear skies and sunshine, with the sun having ‘teeth’ as the Greeks say, and temperatures that could reach up to 18 degrees. Can you think of better conditions to experience the natural and cultural beauties of a destination? We can’t, and we have some great suggestions for tours from Athens in Winter.

Tour to Delphi & Arachova Don’t miss the opportunity to discover one of Greece’s most mystical sites. Once considered to be the navel of the world, the Temple of Apollo where the Oracle is located, and a World Heritage site, was frequently consulted by men of high status. Ancient Greek leaders, politicians, and generals seeking advice from Pythia, the high priestess, before making any important decision. The energy of the ancient site in unmistakable, while the museum features, among other artefacts, the bronze Charioteer of Delphi and the Sphinx of Naxos. Delphi is in the vicinity of Mt. Parnassos, a popular Winter destination for skiing when the weather allows. The town of Arachova is a picturesque mountain village located at the foot of the Parnassos, and is quite vibrant both day and night, with a rural charm that will certainly win you over. See details of our Delphi one day trip from Athens and book today!

Delphi site

Tour to Meteora The Meteora mountains are perhaps Greece’s most impressive natural site. A myriad of boulders that resemble monumental pillars awake feelings of awe at this spectacle of nature. The panoramic views here are absolutely breathtaking and especially during Winter when a bit of mist makes the landscape even more electrifying. Meteora has an added element to explore: the monasteries. Around 20 monasteries exist on the peaks of the Meteora boulders, making it the second most important spiritual site in Greece. The tour includes visiting 2 or 3 of them, giving visitors the unique chance to experience the vibes of such a mysterious place, and with the expert knowledge of our Keytours guides. What’s more is that you will be able to enjoy a scenic journey through the Peloponnesian landscape from Athens to Kalambaka, from where you board a vehicle that will take you the UNESCO world heritage monument site. Check out all the information of our Meteora day trip from Athens by train and plan your excursion!

For those of you who wish to discover both opt for our two day Delphi & Meteora tour from Athens.

If you have taken any Key Tours tours from Athens in Winter, let us know your experiences.

Meteora by @ilovegreece

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