Don’t miss: Most popular tours from Athens

Sep 5, 2019

You’ve made it to Athens, Greece. Check! Now, chances are that you are staying in the ancient city for a few days in order to absorb its unique aura. Caught somewhere between awe-inspiring antiquity and varied modernity, Athens is full of contrasts; urban visuals interchange between ancient ruins followed by either swanky or derelict neo-classical buildings, and districts that alternate between incredibly picturesque neighbourhoods and up-town, posh areas. A coastal city too, Athens is so much more than its historical center. There are literally countless of things to see and do. So, for exploring all the riveting sights, scents and sounds of the capital city and beyond, at Keytours we have collated for you the totally unmissable, most popular tours from Athens.

Popular tours in Athens center Let’s begin with discovering the ancient landmarks that are dotted all around Athens city center. Your first stop should definitely be the iconic Acropolis rock and its museum. It is the where the beating heart of the city resides. The historic center of Athens has been built around the ancient rock, an almost sacred citadel with great architectural and historic significance. It was constructed in the 5th century B.C. which makes it nearly 2,500 years old. Fathom that! The Parthenon is not the only monument on the Acropolis, however it is the most prominent one; other structures to see include the Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike. The monuments are adorned with frieze and pediment depictions of ancient myths and legends associated with the patronship of Athens city. Apparently, it was a test of wits between the Olympian deities of Poseidon and Athena; Athena, the goddess of wisdom won, and her prize was a city named after her. Since the Acropolis is the most popular attraction, we have specifically designed the Athens City Tour & Acropolis Museum Skip The Line. It is both time-saving and knowledge-sharing since you won’t have to wait in queues for tickets as well as having one of our expert guides who will explain the history and stories behind everything that you see (or don’t see). In 5 hours you will get to not only see the Parthenon, the other monuments and the museum, but also some other sites such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Parliament Square and the famous Panathenaic Stadium, which is the only stadium in the world to be built exclusively of marble.

Don’t miss: Athenian environs top tour Only a scenic, coastal 30 minute drive from the center, is another unmissable landmark that commands both your respect and attention. Our sunset tour of Cape Sounion & Temple of Poseidon will reveal this enchanting spot at the most mesmerizing hour of the day. This attraction may well be even more overwhelming than the Parthenon for some, given you know the tragic fable that it is associated with. We don’t mind sharing it with you: it is said that King Aegeus, father of Theseus, fell from the cliff, plummeting to his death following a tragic misunderstanding. Theseus was sent to slay the mythical Minotaur in Crete on a ship with black sails that symbolised the King’s grief of parting with his beloved son. The arrangement was that if Theseus was successful in slaying the notorious creature, the sails would be changed to white so that King Aegeus would know by the colour of the returning ship’s sails if his son had been successful or not. Amidst all his excitement after killing the beast, Theseus forgot to change the sails before setting off for home. Seeing the black sails from afar as the ship approached, the King Aegeus believed his son to have failed his mission, and threw himself from the Temple of Poseidon into the sea below. The sea that since then, was named after him; the Aegean.

Popular Multi-Day tours from Athens Venturing further away from Athens is where things get even more intriguing. Hundreds of UNESCO World Heritage sites, monuments of worship, places of entertainment, kingly settlements and impressive peaks of spiritual allure; Greece has it all, and then some. Our Epidaurus & Mycenae One Day Tour from Athens takes you towards Corinth, to the most revered ancient theatre of Greece: Epidaurus. This amphitheatre was the quintessential setting for countless performances throughout the centuries. It is known for having impeccable acoustics. Mycenae, the home of King Agamemnon, used to be one of the major centers of Greek civilization as well as being a military stronghold which commanded a large part of southern Greece. With our Delphi One Day Trip from Athens you can get to grips with the spiritual side of ancient Greece. Delphi is located a couple of hours drive from Athens, towards Mount Parnassus. The most important oracle of antiquity, it is where the ancient Greeks sought the advice of their mythological gods, seeking consultation from Pythia, the high priestess of Delphi, for a wide range of matters including many involving the state.

Moving onto another spiritual site of a different era, which is also a part of the UNESCO World heritage; the astonishing rock formations of Meteora near Kalambaka. Immaculate and mystical, these boulders rise from the ground as if by divine intervention. The landscape is otherworldly, considering the second-tier marvel of these immense natural pillars that have monasteries gracing their summits. You can visit some of the monasteries and admire the craftsmanship of the icons and other objects on display. Approaching Meteora, you will be flooded with awe. Reaching Meteora you will most probably be moved by its wondrous presence. And since it is fairly far from Athens, we recommend you discover this majestic place with a Meteora Day Trip from Athens by Train. That way, you can also enjoy the wonderful countryside of this part of Greece on a scenic rail journey through unspoiled nature. What’s even more exciting than a day trip to Meteora or Delphi, is a combination tour that takes you to both sites! Our Two Day Delphi & Meteora Tour from Athens makes the absolute most out of two days spent unravelling the multifaceted fascination of Greece, revealing the magnitude of a country that has a million tales to tell.

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