Meet our best sellers and get to know the real side of Greece!

Sep 14, 2016
Although summer has officially ended, at Keytours we remain excited. We know a way to beat the summer’s end blues every single time, as September and October are actually ideal months to discover Greece. The early fall weather in Greece is simply fantastic, more so than the high season summer months that are usually associated with higher temperatures, that can often make the outdoors a bit too… hot to handle! Taking advantage of this natural benefit and ambient climate, we are delighted to share our best seller and most popular tours. As you are our center of our tour world, you decide how much time you can or want to spend exploring Greece’s hidden beauties. We then simply provide the ‘key’ and means for you to do so. If you only have one full day to spare in between all the other exciting things you may have planned, our full day tours are the best option as they pack culture, historicity, and beautiful scenics all in one. These tours are the perfect introduction to get to know the real side of Athens and Greece, in the shortest time possible.  Our Athens One Day Tour is ideal for city first-timers as you’ll get to see all the famous sites of modern and ancient Athens, in a wonderful panoramic tour of the city centre and beyond! Highlights include a guided tour of the Acropolis, a visit to the museum plus the tour culminates at Sounion, and the spectacular Temple of Poseidon that offers incredible scenics during sunset especially.  From Athens, you can easily embark to more historic destinations located in fairly close proximity, and that can also be covered in one day. In particular, the Epidaurus & Mycenae One day tour from Athens is a fantastic tour that will take you to back in time, to the Mycenaean civilisation of 1600 to 1100 BC and all its treasures! You will also get the visit the iconic Epidaurus theatre that is still functional today for ancient dramas and comedies.  If you are looking for the more spiritual and magical side of Greece, then our two day Delphi and Meteora Tour is a great choice to spend two days becoming mesmerised by the aura of Delphi, which was once considered to be the centre of the Earth. Now a UNESCO heritage site, you’ll be able to sense its magnetic atmosphere, and visit the Temple of Apollo, which used to be the oracle of ancient times. The second part of the tour is even more magical, when approaching the uniquely striking Meteora mountains with their stunning clifftop Byzantine monasteries.  For the more tour-thirsty among you, we recommend discovering the full glory of ancient Greece with our four day classical Greece tour that covers Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi and Meteora across four days. In four days we will take you to five UNESCO heritage sites and you will experience a myriad of sensational visuals, in optimal time and absolute comfort.  Keytours’ aim is to be able to provide you, the traveller, with the key to unravelling the fascination that Greece has to offer.  We cover a huge variety of tours to fit different interests, and schedules and so apart from our best sellers, we also arrange bespoke private tours of Athens and Greece, tailored precisely to your requirements and interests!

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