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Tour privado de medio día a Pella desde Salónica
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Set out on a magical journey through time to the glorious kingdom of ancient Macedonia, where Alexander the Great was born. A number of excavations of the site reveal the ancient city’s majestic grandeur.

Visit the monumental palatial complex that occupies the northernmost hill of the city, and covers an area of 60.000 m2. Wander around the city’s commercial and manufacturing centre, the so-called agora, which was in fact the biggest agora of the ancient world. This huge building complex included shops, workshops, administration offices, and the repository of the city’s historical records. The main avenue of agora was actually connected with the city’s port, the ruins of which are still visible today.

The ancient agora is constructed according to the famous urban planning of Hippodamus well-defined city blocks, paved streets with sidewalks, and elaborate water supply and sewage systems. They all illustrate Pella’s modern infrastructure and sophisticated urban design. The two-storey private houses built in Doric and Ionic style bring to mind images of a prosperous, ancient, city.

You will certainly be impressed by the outstanding mosaic floors that used to decorate the city's grand mansions – the most famous are the ones depicting the Abduction of Helen, Rapture, the Amazonomachy (the battle of Amazons), and the Deer Hunt. You can marvel at these decorated floors at the New Archaeological Museum of Pella.

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