Our ESG Strategy

At KeyTours, we are committed to building upon our Company’s strong history of supporting our communities and the environment. Through our ESG program, we seek to preserve and regenerate the beautiful places in which we operate, and leave a positive, enduring impact on our communities. Our ESG program is centered around three pillars:


- Planet (environmental impact)

- People (social impact)

- Business (governance impact)


Each pillar is supported by specific objectives, with a close eye on how our efforts will contribute to the achievement of the tourism industry’s target of net-zero carbon emissions and even more responsible travel experiences because, for us, it’s the right thing to do.
Our ESG plan is forward-looking, measurable, and achievable. Our vision is to become the leader of sustainable cultural tours with environmentally responsible experiences, and with our creative, diverse, and engaged employees. Throughout this report, you will read more about our ESG plan and our goals.



Our program is focused on protecting and regenerating our planet so that the only impact we leave is a positive one. In the midst of a rapidly changing climate, every effort to preserve the
environment counts. We dream of a better future, thus we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Sustainable Travel International, a company that protects and conserves our planet’s vulnerable destinations by transforming tourism’s impact on nature and people.
Our carbon offsetting program aims to neutralize the footprint produced by our trips.

1. Carbon Offsets

Our objective: Our emission sources include a carbon footprint mostly from bus tours and transfers. Based on these tracked emissions, we purchase carbon offsets and provide funding for forestry, energy, and blue carbon projects around the world. Examples include reforestation in Indonesia and Brazil and renewable energy sources in Thailand.

Our goal: We are focused on eliminating our carbon footprint produced by a wider area of our operation including business travel by 2030.

Our strategy: We will innovate sustainable solutions for the future of travel while
mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

2. Energy efficiency measures
Our objective: We have undertaken significant energy efficiency measures, including implementing LED lighting in our offices. Moreover, we are taking steps to improve recycling, and in order to incorporate it into our company’s daily routine we have installed battery recycling bins.

Our goal: We are focused on reducing paper waste by 50% by the end of 2030.

Our strategy: To operate in a responsible manner and incorporate principles of
sustainable tourism.

3. Conserving the environment locally
Our objective: We are dedicated to helping the environment at a local level. We seek to preserve and regenerate our beautiful country. For this reason, we have donated 100 trees for reforestation of the recently burned down Voulas’ mountain, the equivalent of over 15 tons of carbon reduction.

Our goal: To donate 3000 trees by the end of 2030.

Our strategy: Engage and educate our team members and our guests in preserving our planet and inspire them to make an imprint for good.



We’re committed to enriching lives by making a positive and lasting impact on our communities through the lens of diversity and inclusion. Our focus on fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone is treated with empathy and respect, is not only a cornerstone of our values but also a driving force for business performance. Together we make it possible to transform futures, create belonging and build memories that imprint on the hearts of others.

1. The well-being of our people

Our objective: It’s our culture’s core value to underpin our people. Our focus is to
provide a work environment free from stress by prioritizing our people’s health and well-being and making health everyone’s priority. Our genuine care for our employees is what sets us apart, cascading to all levels of our organization and empowering every one of us to be healthy. By placing a strong emphasis on our people, we are able to foster a dynamic and supportive work environment, ultimately driving success and happiness at all levels of the company.

Our goal: To reduce employee exposure to a lifestyle with no health prevention and provide our people with quality and upgraded group private medical insurance every year. To create a work environment that supports and encourages healthy habits, leading to better overall health and prosperity.

Our strategy: To promote the well-being and mental health support of our people,
embedding it in the employee value proposition.


2. Supporting local societies

Our objective: We are committed to being a vector of positive change and supporting local societies. We do this because we believe that by contributing to building strong and independent local societies, we can provide real social benefits for individuals while adding value to our business. Our primary focus is to offer tangible support in the socioeconomic development of local societies.

Our goal: To maintain and increase our cooperation with local catering and
accommodation small, family businesses in the Greek province, with the aim of doubling our partnerships by 2025.

Our strategy: To continue collaborating with small, local businesses in the areas where our tours operate.


3. Data protection
Our objective: We strive to collect, use and disclose the personal data that is under our care in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations in our country.

Our goal: To ensure best-in-class protection of personal data for all employees and customers. To succeed increased awareness of data privacy requirements and embed data privacy into our day-to-day activities and processes. To have 100% of our employees trained on data privacy by 2025.

Our strategy: To implement and maintain data privacy policies, and processes that embed best practices. To provide regular employee training and monitor compliance.


4. Respecting human rights

Our objective: We have set as a top priority to respect ad protect human rights and our zero-tolerance commitment in this direction.

Our goal: To encourage our people to treat each other with dignity and respect. Not tolerating discrimination, bullying, harassment, or victimization on any grounds.

Our strategy: To foster an inclusive work environment where everyone is treated fairly
and with respect while rejecting all forms of discrimination.



Our unique team is the lifeblood of our business. Every day, their passion and expertise enable us to delight our customers and make amazing happen for a better world. We are working hard to create a purpose-led culture where our people are proud and excited to come to work every day.

1. Ethics and compliance

Our objective: We focus on creating a safe, inclusive, and dynamic culture where our people can thrive and grow.

Our goal: To ensure that our team reflects the customers, and communities we serve. To have over 50% of our personnel be women and 40% of the board be constituted by them, by 2026.

Our strategy: To support our team's enhancement with no prejudice-driven decisions. To create a Governance Committee that will oversee and monitor the relevant processes.


2. Board diversity

Our objective: The assignment of the board is to guarantee the integration of the
business with its external environment.

Our goal: To increase the percentage of women on the board of directors, to more than 30% by 2025. To include even more diverse personalities with special characteristics and from different socio-economic environments.

Our strategy: To encourage a mosaic of the board’s age, gender, and personal
characteristics in order for its members to represent harmonically the different
generations, motivational goals, cultures, habits, and experiences and impact, in the most successful way, the decision-making approach.

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